Guild Inventory

Eleanor Harris

Guild banner
Small easel
Wooden stand for unframed artwork at exhibits
Holder for WCCV brochures and cards
Two small wood table top easels
Three boards for hanging decorated envelopes
Guest book for use at the Loft
Treasurer's Reports and General Meeting Minutes
    - to be updated annually and maintained to past 7 years only

Envelope containing approximately 30 "Warmland" stamped bookmarks
3' x 2.5' white board on easel stand with demo paper attached
Bag of coloured white board/felt markers
Roll of 24" wide white paper

Past President
History Book

Marilyn Boechler
    3' x 4' frame with chicken wire to display miniatures

Pat Wheatley
Supply of 11 x 17 layout pads

Barbara Qualley
    Roll of 24" wide white paper

Cowichan Exhibition Store Room
    Library Cart
    Door prize supplies in Library Cart

Linda Yaychuk
    Coffee supplies