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Warmland Calligraphers - Workshop Policy

Applications must be postmarked no sooner than date specified on Workshop Registration Form.  Cheque payable to Warmland Calligraphers must accompany the registration form; no postdated cheques will be accepted. 

Placements in a workshop or course will be on a first-come, first-served basis and recorded in order of receipt by Post Office cancellation.

The minimum and maximum number of participants at any workshop or course will be dependent upon financial viability, the instructor's wishes and/or the facilities available.  If the minimum number of participants  is not obtained, the course may be cancelled (at the discretion of the Workshop Coordinators).  Once the minimum number of registrants has been reached, cheques will be deposited into our bank account.  A waiting list will be established when a workshop is filled.

You will be notified of your registration status by email or phone as early as possible. Cheques from those on the waiting list will be returned.

Applicants wishing to cancel out of a workshop can sell their spot to a person on the waiting list independently of the Warmland Calligraphers.  There will be no refunds made due to the applicant's cancellation, but emergencies will be handled at the discretion of the Coordinator.

A surcharge will be levied to registrants not belonging to a calligraphy guild.

One-half of the minimum registrants must be members of the Guild.

Members will have preference over non-members for all workshops and courses for a period of one week after commencement of registration.

A member who provides transportation and accommodation for the instructor will receive compensation with free tuition for the class.